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The experience

Koliseum™ is an immersive media platforms for location based entertainment (such as entertainment centers, leisure and lifestyle centers, gaming arcades, cinema multiplexes, cruise ships or shopping malls) and event companies

The games are normally projected on to large displays so the spectators can follow the ongoing games played in the Koliseum virtual environment.
It also allows newly arriving spectators to immediately recognize the familiar games (Foosball etc), leading to an immediate attraction to play and enabling a quick and easy experience, ie no learning curve to play.

Because the user stays in the same place during the game and because the KOLISEUM is equipped with very powerful computers that render VR visuals in real-time, there is no motion sickness

Buying, Leasing & Renting Koliseum™

The business model approach varies.
It can be within the context of an important attraction to animate various events or broader experiences, such as at FECs, or leisure centers.
Or it can be based on a pay per play approach where payment can be done with coin modules or card readers (according to the backend system of the client).
In addition, there are interesting applications of regional or inter-location tournaments, or e-sports approaches.

In view of the heightened attention and concern on hygiene issues with the use of VR technology, hereafter are presented recommended guidelines and measures needed to be put into place to ensure a safe and secure utilization of the VR equipment.

More information on Our Hygiene Recommandations page.

The initial package includes the complete hardware (including headsets) as well as the software license for the first game, ie Foosball.
For upcoming new games to be periodically downloaded on the Koliseum, there will be an optional additional license fee applied.

Options include critical spares kit, special packing, and branding/customization possibilities, and well as enhanced service levels.

The warranty period is 12 months, during which there is remote product monitoring and telephone assistance, as well as faulty parts replacement. The headsets are not included in the warranty as these are regarded as consumables.
According to the country, some of the support may be undertaken by a local or nearby partner.
After warranty, support will be according to a service agreement to be established.

Please request a specific quotation

Please request a specific quotation

Normally around 14 weeks after order and downpayment. However according to defined production batch outputs.

Sponsorship is a good approach for giving more exposure and branding to the end client, with added benefits. As is advertising.  

Purchaser logos or brands or advertising etc can be implemented into the virtual stadium on the banner/billboards in the stands.
In addition, the in ground sideline advertising or sponsorship, will be handled by Kynoa.
External branding of physical casing re new artwork can also be provided, but will take extra time.

Operation & tech specs

185 x 125 x 100cm / 140Kg

230V /10 Amp or 110V/20Amp
Ethernet RJ45 connection (for monitoring and updates only)

We make sure to reach all audiences. Some individual experiences target a younger audience, while other more sophisticated games attract teens and adults. Competitive or collaborative experiences bring together groups of friends and families.

Depends very much on the country of application, and other parameters, game duration etc. Fees can vary from units to tens of Euros per game.


Using the dashboard mentioned below, the owner is the one deciding how long he wants the game to last.


It’s of course depending of the game’s duration.
Example with 5 min: In this set up, 32 people can play per hour.

There will need to be one person responsible for the Koliseum to ensure correct usage and support of the table. According to the venue and attendance, this does not need to be a full time occupation of this person, but most likely a partial task amongst others.

SOON – Introduction of a tool on the dashboard’s website of the Koliseum. This next feature will provide to our customers many useful tools as to change the time-length of the game, send live scoring to 3rd party thanks to our API, upload new ads and get full analytics easily, without having to go through the Koliseum team.


Koliseum™ is a brand of Kynoa SA . Koliseum is born out of the desire to make Virtual Reality entertainment accessible to the broad public and to promote experiences that create and enhance human interactions.
Koliseum’s main activity is the development of a game platform (hardware) called the KOLISEUM™ as well as VR video games (software), specially developed for the above-mentioned platform.

Koliseum™ implies an area of high level spectacle and exciting entertainment, with a reference to classical and known experiences.