What we offer

Koliseum™ is an immersive media platforms for location based entertainment and event companies

Entertainement is your business. We are in Virtual Reality

Attraction Parks, Entertainement Centers & VR arcades

The products we offer are intended, among others, for B2B customers such as entertainment centers, leisure and lifestyle centers, gaming arcades, cinema multiplexes, cruise ships or shopping malls – all the places that must create and maintain a significant flow of visitors.

Event Companies

Organize tournaments for promotional, team-building, networking, product launch, conventions booths, birthday or anything you can think of. Or just let anyone play with their friends.

Popular game experience

Virtual reality entertainment accessible to a wide audience

No learning curve

By choosing the most iconic and popular games of the 20th Century’s, we make sure that everyone allready has its framework in mind and can start having fun instantly and right from the start

Cathers to all ages

We make sure to reach all audiences. Some individual experiences target a younger audience, while other more sophisticated games attract teens and adults. Competitive or collaborative experiences bring together groups of friends and families.

No motion sickness

Because the user stays in the same place during the game and because the KOLISEUM™ is equipped with very powerful computers that render VR visuals in real-time, there is no motion sickness

Sanitary Measures

In view of the heightened attention and concern on hygiene issues with the use of VR technology, hereafter are presented recommended guidelines to ensure a safe and secure utilization of the VR equipment.

More information on our Sanitary Measures Page.

Ready for the future of entertainement

At the same time, we are developing our online games, promoting large regional and international tournaments, and debuting in the arena of e-sports. A market that continues to grow, and that will further attract the interest of players to visit dedicated spaces, in order to train regularly

Leverage the benefits for your business

Achieve profitability

The Koliseum™ platform has the best output square foot ratio: 4 square foot floor size with 4 players every 3-5 minutes

Positionning & image​

Our experience of 50+ public events per year taught us the table has an impact on the minds of everyone who tries it. The fun and familiar vibes associated with technology make for a memorable product, which can now have your brand all over it.

Ads & visibility

You believe the best way to monetize VR is through sponsorship opportunities?
Well, our table is customizable, provide in-game advertising opportunities.

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