Entertainment is your business

We innovate with Virtual Reality and more.

At Koliseum, we’re rethinking entertainment for professionals by integrating virtual reality and dynamic gaming solutions tailored to a wide range of business environments. Our flagship products, Koliseum Soccer VR™ and Whack-a-Light, offer unique experiences that energize your business and attract visitors of all ages.

Flagship products to energize your business

Koliseum Soccer VR™

Transforms traditional foosball into an immersive virtual reality experience.


Offers a dynamic and accessible reflex game.

Amusement parks, entertainment centers and arcades

At Koliseum, we specialize in creating immersive gaming experiences that captivate and engage audiences across multiple platforms. Our diverse portfolio of products is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of B2B clients, including entertainment centers, leisure centers, gaming arcades, cinema multiplexes, cruise ships, and shopping malls. Our commitment is to enhance these venues by providing games that not only entertain but also promote social interaction and ensure a steady stream of visitors. At Koliseum, we are dedicated to adding value to your business by delivering engaging games that are both fun and conducive to creating lasting memories. Whether your goal is to increase visitor satisfaction or to maximize revenue, Koliseum is your partner in creating environments where fun and social interaction are the cornerstones of success.

Corporate and social events

Organize tournaments for promotions, team-building activities, networking, product launches, convention booths, parties, or any other event you can imagine. Our games are designed to be intuitive and accessible, enabling anyone to play and have fun with friends or colleagues. From our innovative “Koliseum Soccer VR” to our dynamic “Whack-a-Light”, our games offer unforgettable experiences that draw crowds and energize your event.

Benefits for professionals

Ease of installation and operation

Our games are designed to be easy to install and manage. They require little floor space and can be easily repositioned to suit different events and configurations.

Attractive and affordable experiences

We offer captivating experiences at an affordable cost, combining Swiss reliability with cutting-edge technology to provide high-quality entertainment without constant maintenance.

Swiss Reliability, Quality and Robustness

Our products proudly demonstrate Swiss quality and robustness, ensuring reliable, long-lasting play, even under the most demanding conditions.

Join the Koliseum family to offer unforgettable experiences and increase your revenue. With Koliseum, every day is a new opportunity to captivate and delight your audience.

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