Koliseum Soccer VR

The first deployed game for the Koliseum VR™ platform

Based on one of the 20th century’s most popular games, Koliseum Soccer VR™ transforms Foosball - Table Soccer - into an exhilarating experience, adding surprising actions, emotions, tensions, and twists.

Unlike most VR games, Koliseum™ is not a one-shot experience. Thanks to its collaborative and competitive nature, its playful animations, and the various little surprises that pop randomly around the players on the field, Koliseum Soccer VR™ is an captivating game that puts boredom out of the map.
Explosive balls, Goal-Protective Bonuses, players super-powers like being able to run with the ball toward the opposing goal – and many more inventive tricks – made a splash to all who experienced it.

The game won the AWE Award at the 2018 Augmented World Expo in Munich. We have also won the “Innovation” AUREA Awards 2018 which was judged live in Europa-Park. Koliseum Soccer VR™ is one of the 9 most outstanding out-of-home VR experiences in 2018, according to the prestigious jury of the VR Awards.

Since our Koliseum Soccer VR™ is not a simple copy of the traditional table soccer game, we implemented different unique features and bonuses.

Unique features:

  • The dribble Perhaps our most famous feature. You player comes off the bar and starts running towards the goal. Truly epic when mastered.
  • The lob : Press a button and the ball will go over your nearest opponent.
The game is designed to play, and have fun, without having to use any of the proposed features. However, in use, these features bring an extra “Arcade” dimenson.
AI Boots:
  • The integration of boots, allows the game to function with 1, 2 ,3 or 4 players.
Boot activation is automatic. During the game, if a player removes his VR mask, he is instantly replaced by a boot (until he returns his VR mask).

Four different bonuses:

  • The death ball : OMG. If you activated this bonus, the ball destroys everything on its path. The ones who survives have a chance of scoring in an empty goal. 
  • The shield : You’ll get a shield that will save one goal for you !
  • The multiball : Once this bonus is activated, 2 additional balls arrive on the pitch, testing your reflexes in a high intensity gameplay (You’ll play 3 balls at the same time).
  • The bouncing ball : Extra rebonds for a couple of seconds and mastering the ball becomes tricky

The bonuses appear randomly, during the matches only, by popping-up on the field. To activate them, you’ll just need to shoot them with the ball.

Beyond the obvious fun aspects, features & bonuses can significantly change the score of a match. Mastering their tactical dimension is a real advantage.

Koliseum Hockey VR

Coming next...

Koliseum Soccer VR™ is the game that we chose to launch the platform, with Koliseum Hockey VR™ being the next one.

More to come...